On most mornings there is barely enough time to let your hair dry naturally as is recommended by many hair specialists. Most people find themselves using a blow drier. However, frequent styling of hair using a blow drier does far more damage than good. This is why the maximum number of times a blow drier can be used is 3 times a week. This should not be in 3 consecutive days but spaced out with 1 day in between. In order to minimize the hair damage associated with blow drying, a few guidelines should be followed. Guidelines for the Correct Use of a Blow Drier 1. Use a moisturizing shampoo While most people use regular shampoo, the use of a moisturizing shampoo is best. A moisturizing shampoo prevents the hair from completely drying out and becoming brittle. The moisturizer does this by allowing the hair to retain moisture. 2. Blot our water from hair Roughly rubbing hair with a towel to remove all the moisture has the disadvantage of increasing split ends. Immediately after washing hair, water should be allowed to drip out for at least 5 minutes. The towel should then be wrapped around the head and strong rhythmic circular hand motion used to squeeze water out. Blotting out the water in this manner prevents split ends and hair breakage. The goal is to leave the hair with some dampness and not dripping wet. 3. Divide the hair into sections The hair should be then divided into sections which enable will allow systematic blow drying of the hair. Small sections are best as they will take the least time to reach acceptable dryness. The use of clips to keep sections separate is advised for long and thick hair. Divide the hair into 4 – 6 sections. 4. Start 6 inches from the scalp Drying should start at least 6 inches from the scalp for long hair. The blowing motion should be away from the scalp and in a downward direction. This is because as hair further from the head dries, it absorbs moisture from the hair near the scalp.Avoid taking too much time one section but the sections in repeat cycles. 5. Do not focus the drier on a spot for too long When the blow drier is focused on one spot for too long the hair tends to burn. This causes it to become brittle and can thus break easily. 6. Leave the hair near the scalp a little damp Hair should not be blow dried until completely dry especially the near the scalp. Moisture in the scalp region spreads up the hair keeping the hair supple. This is why the blow drying session should not be unnecessarily prolonged once most of he hair is dry. 7. Finish with a cold blast After blow drying with hot air, a moisturizing anti-frizz cream should be applied to the hair. This will help to replace any vital moisture that has been lost. Olive oil is a great natural moisturizing agent and can be used instead of a moisturizing cream. Using a blast of cold air after applying the moisturizer helps to lock in moisture in individual hair strands.